What we do?

Our networking simplifies the global buying experience, allows travellers to make money and create jobs in a global scale.

Our Team

Bikrant Giri

Co-Founder bikrant@easyanthem.com

Thanks to his BCA Degree from MCRP, Bikrant Giri has a structural knowledge in building Easy Anthem in to a proper tech company as a founder. He loves to travel and experience different cultures, a big believer in humanity. Enjoys hiphop and reggie music!

Bishal Gurung

Bishal Gurung

Co-Founder bishal@easyanthem.com

With a view of "Design with Technolgy", Bishal Gurung has been the founder and product desginer at Easy Anthem, curating creative contents for his clients and helping them grow. Big fan of animated movies and unsolved scientific theories, he loves to imagine art and portray them in his work.